User Acquisition for Google Ad Campaigns

Google app ad campaigns have the benefit of appearing before a wide audience including Google Play, YouTube, Google Search and the Google Display Network. Google uses ad text ideas and assets to craft design ads across platforms. After a budget and location details are set, Google, through their learning algorithms, will adjust and optimise the ad to elevate better performing combinations to help meet your optimisation objective, whether that objective is installs, app conversions or target return on ad spend (tROAS). Campaigns can be targeting to focus on getting more installs, driving in-app actions or in-app action value.

Consult My App will help to set up and actively manage your campaign, responding to key metrics and deliver on the outcomes most important to you. we are able to provide creative briefs or the final assets for creatives as part of our services.

Reach us through the contact form below if you would like to talk you through the details of implementation and the best practises, we employ to ensure a successful strategy for User Acquisition for Apple Google App campaigns 


From their first interaction with your app, users decide whether you hold enough value to remain installed.


Keep users engaged with an awesome, innovative & user-centric engagement strategy


Whether through advertising or IAPs, maximise the value of your customers