App Store Optimisation for Google Play Apps

App Store Optimisation for Google Play apps centres on three main processes :

1.    Market Research, Keyword Research & Optimization : We will work with you to devise a strategy based on your sector, the competition and where you are in your app growth maturity. It is also helpful to understand your audience and what they are searching for to find an app like yours. We have access to various tools to help discover these key search terms and through the processes below test to help achieve an optimal outcome. 

2.    Google Play Store optimization & A/B testing : Optimisation is initially tested for through split testing where an update is implemented for a subset of the user base to test for evidence of the expected improvement. This allows for a fair test observation of that change alone and can help justify implementing a change. 

On-meta data and off-meta data can influence search raking and conversion rate.

3.    Track, monitor and repeat : It remains important to keep an eye on key metrics on an ongoing basis to keep on top of user feedback and demands for new features. New keywords may become more relevant as tastes and trends change and ongoing A/B testing could be employed to maintain a consistently high conversion rate.

Reach us through the contact form below if you would like to  talk you through the details of implementation and the best practises we employ to ensure a successful strategy for your Google Play store app optimisation.


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