Apple App Store Optimisation

The (Apple) App Store ASO process centres around three main processes :

1.    Keyword Research : This starts with selecting the right keywords, including a detailed analysis all the possible keywords your audience might use to find you. Once those words have been identified, they are then strategically placed under the five key fields that impact search. Namely : App Name, Subtitle, Keywords field, Developer name, IAP. There are various tactics to optimising this input to ensure full potential is realised. 


2.    Product page and listing optimization (& A/B testing) : The work here looks closely at your on-meta data and off-meta data. The latter includes downloads, volume and velocity, user engagement ratings and reviews. User reviews now carry a more prominent weighting and apps appear in search results with ratings. Split (or A/B) testing is the final component in this category and allows changes to be tested on a subset of users to measure improvements in KPIs.   

3.    Monitoring the results and again – optimizing : Post go live, it is key to monitor the performance of your app to help maintain fruits of the two points above. Keeping an eye on KPIs including ranking, conversion rate, downloads as well as user feedback through reviews and ratings is key providing the agility to respond to new entrants or responding to user demands .

Reach us through the contact form below if you would like to  talk you through the details of implementation and the best practises we employ to ensure a successful strategy for your Apple store app optimisation. 


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